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Supplier Diversity Program

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Supplier Diversity Program encourages competition in our procurement process, and promotes economic health in the communities we serve.

To support the growth of minority and women-owned business enterprises, the Supplier Diversity Program emphasizes the following practices:

  • Inclusion—Developing policies that infuse supplier diversity into all stages of the procurement process. For example, at least one diverse business must compete in all bids valued at $100,000 or more.
  • Strategic Sourcing—Identifying certified minority or women-owned businesses, and verifying that they have the experience and expertise to satisfy our business needs.
  • Business Development—Providing minority and women-owned businesses access to mentors and consultants skilled at positioning small companies to effectively compete for contracts with large corporations.
  • Tier 2—Encouraging our network of consultants, contractors, and suppliers to make good faith efforts to subcontract certified minority and women-owned businesses.

Certification Requirements
In order to be eligible for our program suppliers must provide proof of certification from the following organizations and their regional affiliates:

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