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Wellness Focus Pays Dividends

We provide coverage to three quarters of the state’s municipalities, and some that had chosen other paths for their health insurance returned to Blue Cross, while groups that combine the purchasing power of multiple communities continued to expand their relationships with us.

Ten thousand of our members are covered through the Hampshire Group Insurance Trust, which includes public employers in four Western Massachusetts counties. Joe Shea, the Trust’s executive director, proudly points out that they have held premium rates flat for four years without changing benefits. He especially credits the Trust’s worksite Wellness Initiative, led by Christine Sass, which was developed with our company’s wellness experts. The initiative includes mini-grants that local “wellness teams” can use to create customized programs for their sites.

View Our Partners’ Perspectives

  • “One of the programs we’ve supported is workout at work.”

    Christine Sass, leader of the Hampshire Group Insurance Trust Wellness Initiative

  • “We were spending too much on insurance…”

    Bill Cross, firefighters union president, Town of Saugus

  • “Blue Cross Blue Shield has been a great partner for the Trust.”

    Joe Shea, executive director, Hampshire Group Insurance Trust

Saugus was one of several municipalities that moved its coverage back to our company in 2014, through our partnership with the Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association. Bill Cross, president of the town’s firefighters union, strongly supported the move back from the state’s Group Insurance Commission. “We came together and said, let’s find something that works for the town, the taxpayers, the employees, and the retirees, so we can have the best coverage at the best cost.”