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Community Investments & Partnerships

We are committed to being a thoughtful and effective corporate citizen. This is demonstrated through community investments and partnerships with organizations that share our commitment to foster good eating habits, active lifestyles, and healthy environments.

If you are interested in learning more about our community investments and partnerships, please contact:

Yvonne Tang
Director, Corporate Citizenship

Caeli Rubens
Manager, Corporate Citizenship

Investing in the Community

Building healthy outcomes

Building healthy outcomes

Have a request?

*All community investment and sponsorship requests must be submitted through our online community investment request form. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts does not accept written, faxed, or emailed requests. All requests will be considered on a bi-weekly basis by the Corporate Contributions Committee, which is comprised of leaders from diverse business areas in the company.

Eligibility and Terms

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts will lend its support in ways that bring value to our members and associates by serving the community with no discrimination by age, race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or disability. In general, we will not fund individuals; religious organizations for sectarian or religious purposes (secular programs of faith-based organization that meet criteria will be considered); fraternal, political or lobbying organizations; school groups; and organizations based in or that serve communities outside of Massachusetts or entities that are not 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations.

Associate Workplace Giving

United Way and the Catalyst Fund

Team Blue

Get in shape, have fun

Creating measurable and sustainable community impact

The Trustees of Reservations

We partner with The Trustees of Reservations to affirm our commitment to healthy living—including healthy eating, active lifestyles, and healthy environments. Around the world, food brings people together and helps create a sense of community. This important connection between people, food, environments, and health is fundamental to Blue Cross’ partnership with the Trustees.

Strategic Investment

Boston Public Market We serve as the health and wellness partner to the Trustees and also collaborate on teaching kitchen programming. Weekly and monthly programming in the teaching kitchen will feature seasonal produce or products from the market. Growers, chefs, and food experts will provide tips for storage and production, as well as teach attendees about how the food is grown, processed, and distributed.

Sustainable Practices

We worked with the Trustees to create and design a 3,500-square-foot organic community garden at our offices in Hingham.. The garden, which is maintained by our employees, supports our healthy-living agenda, which includes significant efforts toward sustainability. It is also a key element of Blue Cross’ overall commitment to creating a culture of health for employees by developing and nurturing a more direct connection to the food we eat every day.

Civic Engagement

Volunteer Opportunities During our sixth annual Service Day we partnered with the Trustees at the Allan C. Haskell Public Gardens in the heart of New Bedford. Associates helped with planting and gardening, landscaping, construction of storage bins and the removal of fencing. Our service will help the Trustees save close to six acres of precious urbam green space and engage southcoast communities through horticulture, recreation and education.


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