Diversity and Inclusion Training

Managing Inclusion

Managing Inclusion is an effective and accessible way to implement inclusion practices and strategies within our organization. The program is the natural next step in achieving diversity. It's the "how" to diversity's "why." This highly interactive one-day program features individual and team activities, honest self-reflection, discussion, and a series of structured assignments designed to help build the skills needed to increase engagement and productivity.
Objectives include:

  • Defining diversity and inclusion in a way that is relevant to the business
  • Making clear connections among the concepts of diversity, inclusion, engagement, and performance
  • Learning how bias (both conscious and unconscious) can erode development and performance
  • Understanding what creates and prevents "go-to" performance on teams
  • Defining the scope and purpose of diverse-by-design teams

Empowered by Cultural Competence

Here, we explore the belief that people are our best source of information about their own culture. Associates gain the skills they need to engage in quality interactions with individuals of diverse values, beliefs, and behaviors. The session demonstrates how cultural competence fosters an inclusive environment that leverages our ability to better support our business goals.
Objectives include:

  • Having a greater understanding of key findings from the online module
  • Having an opportunity to discuss cultural competence and cross-cultural communications
  • Having a greater understanding of diversity and inclusion at Blue Cross
  • Understanding the business case for diversity and inclusion
  • Understanding the connections between diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence