Employee Resource Groups

We have seven employee resource groups: Women's Inclusion Network, the Black Professional Network, Blue Pride (the LGBTQA network), Asian, Latino/Hispanic, Disabilities and Other Capabilities, and Young Professionals. Participants support our diversity and inclusion goals in the following ways:

  • Culture: Help drive cultural awareness, support with new-hire orientation, and serve as internal consultants
  • Career: Support the talent pipeline, professional development activities, and mentorship
  • Community: Aid with brand awareness, community outreach, and volunteerism
  • Commerce: Serve as a conduit to key leaders and represent the company at events

Asian Community ERG

Mission: The Asian Community ERG is focused on the professional and social advancement of employees of Asian origin (Far east, Southeast Asia, and the Indian subcontinent) at Blue Cross. It serves as a platform to share common challenges both within and outside the workplace and approaches to overcome them.

Goals: Professional development, social networking, and cultural awareness

President and Vice President: Joydeep Mukherjee and Taranjit Saini

Latino Community ERG

Mission: Empowering Capabilities is a cross-functional team of employees dedicated to promoting and evolving disability awareness and programs.

Goals: Actively promote and champion goals and annual activities, assist with the design of programs, communications, participate in the evaluation of all activities, use experiences and creativity to suggest and implement new and innovative activities

President and Vice President: Laura Stout and Heather O'Neil

Black Professional Network (BPN) ERG

Mission: The BPN’s mission is to provide resources that lead to personal and professional development, retention and career advancement for Blue Cross associates.

Goals: Professional and personal growth and development, assist with member career potential, create business value, assist with employee engagement, and talent development and customer insights.

President and Vice President: Renee Hollins and Eddie Walker  

Latino Community ERG

Mission: The Latino Community ERG aligns with Blue Cross corporate goals to cultivate a high-performing workforce by strengthening diversity and inclusion.

Goals: Recruit new members, create professional development and networking opportunities, participate in community events, and promote cultural awareness around Latino/Hispanic employees to build a diverse high-performing workforce.

President and Vice President: Sylvia Dutra and Kevin Coffey   

Women’s Inclusion Network (WIN) ERG

Mission: WIN is a group focused on women employees and their allies.

Goals: Promote and develop women associates for their professional advancement and engagement within Blue Cross.

President and Vice President: Io Cyrus and Jennifer Buchanan

Blue Pride ERG

Mission: Blue Pride is a community of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning (LGBTQ) employees and allies that are dedicated to promoting and evolving LGBTQ awareness at Blue Cross.

Goals: Recruit new members, Create professional development and networking opportunities, and promote cultural awareness around LGBTQA issues to build a diverse high-performing workforce

President and Vice President: Andrew Goodman and Amy Deveau

Young Professionals Network (YPN) ERG

Mission: YPN Is a community of young professionals that comes together to support the growth of their careers, to strengthen their connection to Blue Cross and to support corporate strategies.

Goals: Recruit new members, create professional development and networking opportunities, and  participate in community events.

President and Vice President: Aubre Carreon-Aguilar and KT Blaha