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Career Opportunities

Here at Blue Cross, we are a company that values learning, developing new skills, and giving back to the community. We promote involvement and support activities that help change health care for the better and positively impact the lives of those that live in our state.

We invite you to explore the possibilities at Blue Cross. We are always looking to develop talent in the areas below.

  • Internships
    • As part of our commitment to invest in the future leaders of tomorrow, we create a quality, meaningful experience for our interns through our summer internship program. As an intern, you receive unparalleled opportunities to develop skills, learn about the health care industry, establish a peer network, and receive guidance through a mentor relationship.
    • Our internship program is a 12-week summer internship experience open to undergraduate or graduate level students. We recruit for internships in a variety of areas across Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.
  • Entry Level
  • Our entry-level positions allow recent graduates to gain experience, while acquiring skills, work habits, and ways of interacting that fit our corporate culture. Recruiting graduates and helping them develop the skills necessary to advance assures us of having a steady stream of associates who learn with enthusiasm and are ready for promotion to the next level of responsibility. We look for candidates who are in the learning stages of their careers and want to make a contribution to the health care industry.

  • Clinical
  • Every day, our clinicians make a difference in our members' lives. Through our wellness, disease management, case management, resource utilization, and coaching programs, our nurses have many opportunities to promote healthy lifestyle choices, reduce avoidable inpatient admissions and readmissions, and improve our members' health and quality of life.

  • Communications
  • Corporate Communications promotes the company's business and community goals to audiences through public relations and internal communications.

    Public Relations promotes and enhances our brand by communicating through media to key audiences such as members, accounts, and the general public. Internal Communications serves as associates' key resource for vital company information by communicating through the web, social media, videos, e-newsletters, and events.

  • Finance
  • As a not-for-profit organization, accounting, finance, and actuarial functions are a crucial part of helping us to reach our goal of making health care affordable. We count on the associates in these departments to guide us with sound advice, precise recordkeeping, innovative solutions, and accurate pricing and plan models. We are committed to meeting the development needs of our accounting, financial, actuarial, and underwriting professionals and students within our organization.

  • Human Resources
  • How do we make high-quality health care affordable to our three million members? Through hard work, vision, and dedication. In order to help us achieve our corporate goals, we are committed to supporting associates to be as efficient and effective as possible. We focus on building and sustaining a high-performing, healthy, diverse, and inclusive workforce. Our Human Resources team finds, screens, and assists candidates through a sophisticated hiring process. Once they become associates, Human Resources creates the tools, trainings, programs, and offerings that enable our associates to reach their personal, career, and business goals.

  • Information Technology & Operations
  • Our Information Technology & Operations department is the largest division in the company. We develop and implement solutions to meet today's business needs while seeking out new technologies to advance our company's strategies and goals.

    We encourage Information Technology & Operations associates to develop both operations and technology skills. This requires that associates have a solid understanding of the technology marketplace and the changing dynamics of the health care system along with a strong analytic orientation. These skills will become even more critical as we will require the analysis of more and more data to move forward.

    Advances in technology will continue to happen at rapid pace, and a tightly aligned Information Technology & Operations department will support our company to deliver new capabilities that differentiate us and enable the delivery of superior service to our members, accounts, and providers.

  • Legal
  • The Legal department furthers the company vision to make quality health care affordable by providing proactive and innovative legal counsel that enables the achievement of our strategic goals in a manner that is consistent with applicable laws, regulations, and best practices. We collaborate with all business areas to ensure awareness of existing and new legal requirements, legal risks, and the availability of risk mitigation strategies to support the company's mission and strategic goals.

    The Legal department has eight major areas of focus: National & State Health Care Reform, Compliance and Privacy, Product Innovation and Health/Wellness, Leadership, Technology and Analytics, Provider Alignment, Organizational Effectiveness, and Fraud and Abuse Prevention and Detection. Supporting these dynamic areas are career opportunities for attorneys, paralegals, investigators, compliance specialists, and administrative staff.

  • Marketing
  • Our Marketing department is responsible for the development, marketing, research, communication, and brand management of our company's products and services. The various departments within the Marketing team focus on enhancing the value of our products; creating new products and the infrastructure and relationships necessary to support those products; strengthening our brand through communications and advertising, and implementing strategies to promote and evolve our brand.

  • Project Management
  • A project manager is the person responsible for leading a project from its inception to execution. Project managers define the goals of the projects, use project-planning software to plan and track projects, and work collaboratively with internal and external groups to ensure that program objectives are met and are completed on time. They are a crucial part of nearly every department with a focus on operations processes, business functions, and information technology.

  • Sales
  • The Sales department sells our plans and products to new and existing customers. They also help independent brokers and consultants market our portfolio of products. The Sales team grows our business and retains existing accounts through consultative selling, superior concierge service, building relationships, influencing decision-making, issue resolution, and negotiating pricing and plan features.

  • Service
  • As the primary contact for our customers, the service representative is one of the most important positions at Blue Cross. Service representatives work in an inbound call center environment. They provide members with customer-focused help and guidance to help them use their medical and dental benefit packages. This department's goal is to increase member, account, and provider satisfaction through the consistent delivery of outstanding service.


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