Healthy Actions


The Wellness Program that Pays to be Healthy

Healthy Actions is the wellness program that rewards you and your employees for living healthier. You can earn back up to 7.5% of your premium when your employees engage and complete the program and earn the $300 reward. With Healthy Actions, everyone benefits!

Promote. Encourage. Get Rewarded.

As part of our commitment to help you and your employees get the most out of Healthy Actions, we offer a collection of promotional materials you can use to help raise awareness and boost program engagement within your organization.

Raise Awareness

Introduce your employees to Healthy Action by emailing, handing out, or displaying these Healthy Actions promotional posters and fact sheets:

PDF Healthy Actions poster 1: An awareness poster to boost employee engagement.

PDF Healthy Actions poster 2: An awareness poster for the second half of the year with a refreshed look and feel to remind employees about the program.

PDF Healthy Actions flyer: A one-page fact sheet to tease the program and help familiarize your employees on how Healthy Actions works and how easy it is to earn $300.

PDF How it works fact sheet: This includes everything your employees need to know about getting started in Healthy Actions, and receiving their rewards.

Drive Engagement

Within a few weeks of your health plan's effective date, your covered employees will get a welcome letter in the mail with information to register for Healthy Actions. Below, you'll find a series of customizable email templates along with a timeline to help you know when to send each email. Simply download the ones you want to use, send them out to your employees and get rewarded when your employees engage in Healthy Actions and earn their $300 reward.

Timing Email Template
Month 2 Get up to $300 if you have Healthy Actions
Month 3 It's easy to earn $300
Month 4 Don't miss out on $300
Month 6 Time is running out to earn $300
Month 8 Healthy Actions reward deadline