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Why Blue?

The benefits of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts are about much more than just our products. Our people and their focus on your business is the real power behind our brand.

For more than 70 years, we have been the leader in helping cities, towns, and unions in our state protect the health of their employees with affordable medical coverage.

And today, more than 80 percent of municipalities and unions put their trust in us to provide coverage to their employees and members.

Focused on Your Needs
A powerful reason we are trusted is the decades of collective experience our people bring to the job every day.

Our team members are not generalists. They exclusively support the municipal market and this knowledge is what drives our solutions. From the plans we offer to our wellness programs, all our efforts are focused on meeting the specific needs of your community.

Here are just a few reasons why to choose Blue:

We go beyond the cookie-cutter approach to wellness and craft wellness solutions that are customized, data-driven, and help keep employees healthy (and save money, too).

Flexible plan designs
We deliver the flexibility to customize plans to meet your specific business and budget needs. You are not locked into the same strict requirements as everyone else.

Changing the system
We work to control growth of costs within the system as a whole through efforts like our Alternative Quality Contract, which gives doctors and hospitals incentives for improving the quality, not quantity, of care.

Customized solutions to specific problems
Our experience lets us target specific challenges you may be having with innovative solutions.

  • West Springfield worked with us to manage inappropriate emergency room usage by promoting our 24-hour nurse care line. Use of the nurse care line jumped 117 percent in the six months after the campaign, potentially preventing unnecessary trips to a physician or the ER.

  • Amesbury worked with us to create a website that combines plan education with the WellPower wellness program. In 2010 alone, the site generated nearly 500 visitors. You can see their website online by visiting,
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