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We're Going Paperless for Open Enrollment
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts is introducing electronic Open Enrollment kits (eKits) to replace paper kits. The transition to eKits is set to reduce waste, lessen our environmental impact, and make it easier for our customers to find information about their plan. Beginning in May of this year, all accounts will receive an eKit.
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Coverage for Employees Out of State
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts designs its plans around Massachusetts' laws. We can try to adjust a plan design based on other states' mandated benefits. However, some states, like Hawaii, have standards for certain account health plans that we cannot accommodate. In this situation, we highly suggest that accounts with employees in Hawaii speak with legal counsel to help decide whether residents of Hawaii should be enrolled in one of our health plans.
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Coming this Spring: A New, Improved
In analyzing consumer online behaviors and industry best practices, we will be launching a newly designed—making the user experience more engaging and informative.
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Important Changes to Covered Medications
In 2015, all commercial health plans will no longer cover specific medications when being purchased at a doctor's office or outpatient hospital setting. These medications will also only be available through the retail specialty pharmacy.
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Pharmacy Update: Flonase and Fluticasone No Longer Covered
Due to the over-the-counter availability of the intranasal corticosteroid medication Flonase, we will no longer cover it or its generic version, flucticasone, in our pharmacy benefit. This change goes into effect April 15, 2015.
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New Authorization Requirements for Some Plans
Starting July 1, 2015, we will require prior authorization for certain drugs when administered in a doctor's office, by a home health care provider, or in outpatient hospital and dialysis settings. This change applies to HMO and in-network Blue Choice plans. We encourage members to discuss this change with their health care providers. Members affected by this change will be notified directly no later than June 1, 2015.
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Wellness Corner: The Path to Better Living Starts with Taking the ahealthyme Health Assessment!
Our health assessment can help your employees who are enrolled in a Blue Cross medical plan identify their health risks and provide suggestions on how to improve their health. Questions focus on areas of health that employees can change, such as exercise, nutrition, tobacco, safety, and stress management. Once finished, members get a detailed report on their health and how to improve it.
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2014 Corporate Annual Report
Together we're making quality health care affordable Andrew Dreyfus, our president and CEO, outlines three opportunities for collaboration that "have the potential to reshape how we think about, and experience, health care in Massachusetts and across the country," in our 2014 annual report, which is now available.

Our annual report's "Customer Solutions" section features stories and video that focus on the value of the innovative products and services we offer our 29,400 employer accounts. The report also provides an overview of 2014 business results, including the company's Corporate Citizenship and Diversity and Inclusion initiatives.

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Affordable Care Act Preventive Services Update
The United States Preventive Services Task Force has announced changes that will go into effect in 2015. Both fully insured and self-insured accounts will be affected by these changes, including grandfathered accounts that adopted Affordable Care Act preventive services benefits. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts has developed an aggressive implementation schedule for these changes in order to gain administrative efficiencies.
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