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2017 Service Day
2017 Project Highlights
  • Cradles to Crayons Over 600 volunteers sorted, inspected and packaged essential items for 32,250 children across the state
  • Community Harvest Project Harvested 2,862 lbs of eggplant and 936 lbs of acorn squash that was donated to Worcester area food banks
  • Community Servings Chopped over 1,500 lbs of vegetables and packaged 598 health tailored meals for critically ill patients
  • Friends of Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly Constructed 8 elevated, easily accessible planter beds, one picnic table and one storage bench for seniors' garden club
  • United South End Settlements Assembled 20 tables and 30 chairs for daycare and afterschool program
On our seventh annual Service Day, over 3,100 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts associates volunteered in support of 55 service sites across the Commonwealth. Together with our nonprofit partners we provided critical support to address community needs focused on healthy living.
until Service Day!

On Service Day, Blue Cross will remain open for urgent access to care needs, although in a limited capacity. In order to have a greater impact on the communities we serve and give all of our associates an opportunity to volunteer, some of our service centers will operate with reduced staffing.

Community Partners

    Selecting Community Partners

    Our Service Day projects are inspired and shaped by the needs of our community partners. Non-profit organizations submit a request for proposal (RFP) describing the work they would like completed. A group of Blue Cross associates, who are members of the BlueCrew Leadership Council, select which organizations we will partner with based on three primary categories: how closely their mission aligns with our healthy living focus, how well the project will accommodate a group of 60-80 volunteers, and the level of positive impact the project will have on the communities they serve. In addition to the community service project, each Service Day partner receives a $5,000 grant.

    2017 Service Day Highlights

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        Healthy Living Focus

        We know that there are no simple solutions to the challenges of health care. This is especially true for the children and families in our most vulnerable communities, where health outcomes are tied to a complex mix of education, poverty, and the physical environment. Our goal is to help people thrive as healthy and engaged citizens by supporting programs and organizations that foster healthy eating, healthy, active lifestyles, and healthy environments.

        Here is a short video that demonstrates our vision: