E-payment and Online Provider Payment & Provider Detail Advisories

We are pleased to offer PaySpan Health—a solution that delivers E-payment, Online Payment & Detail Advisories and much more—as a free service to our providers.

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  • Please be sure to include your National Provider Identifier (NPI).

Valuable benefits of PaySpan include:
  • Improved cash flow - Electronic payments can mean faster payments, leading to improved cash flow. Upon enrollment, paper checks will be discontinued.
  • Control over bank accounts - Maintain total control over the destination of claim payment funds. Multiple practices and accounts are supported.
  • Prompt match of payments to remittance advice - Immediately associate electronic payments with payment remittance advice. View remittance advice online and print it at your convenience.
  • Increased reporting functionality - Ability to create functional reports that support your internal needs.
  • Reduction in paper - Upon enrollment, paper checks will be discontinued, beginning with the next pay cycle. Paper remittances (PPA and PDA) received by your office will be discontinued 90 days after enrollment with electronic funds transfer.
  • Improved A/R information - New online presentation of PPA documents contain more detailed A/R information.