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As a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts member, you have access to My Blue Community—a health and wellness social network for healthy-minded people just like you! With more than 52,000 conversations already underway on numerous topics from thousands of individuals, you'll be sure to find something to talk about.

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Diseases and Conditions

Diseases & Conditions
Discuss topics ranging from the common cold to cancer.

Fitness and Nutrition

Fitness & Nutrition
Exchange tips about staying in shape, losing weight, and eating right.

Fitness and Nutrition

Mental & Personal Health
Share your stories about relationships, sleep, pregnancy and more.


Follow our bloggers sharing their stories on marathons, parenting, and nutrition.


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Washing Produce?
"I wonder if there is any sort of guide as to which veggies should be washed before being stored in the fridge?"  —Trillium


Seek advice from chefs, nutritionists, health coaches, and more.

Ask the Chef
Ever wonder what it's like to have your own personal chef? Tselani Richmond—chef, cooking instructor and food writer extraordinaire—is the next best thing!

Ask the Trainer
How do you get flatter abs? What's the best pre-workout snack? Our personal trainers want to inform, motivate and empower you to get—and stay—fit.

Ask the Health Coach
Health coaches can offer support in making healthy lifestyle changes related to physical activity, nutrition, weight loss, stress, tobacco cessation and sleep.

Ask the HSA Expert
This is the place to find answers. Like, what do you need to know about taxes and HSA plans? Are Band-Aids or sunscreen covered?

Ask the Nutritionist
From food allergies and sports nutrition to weight management and vegetarianism, Kathleen Putnam, MS, RD, is here to help you eat—and live—well.

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Watch the video of Moira to hear about how the community helped with her weight loss.