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Tools and resources to help you make informed choices about your health and coverage options.
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Find Health Care

As a Blue Cross member, you have access to a wide variety of tools and resources to help you find care.

Search Tools

  • Find a Doctor & Estimate Costs
    Our Find a Doctor & Estimate Costs tool makes it easy for you to find what you need.
    • Search for doctors, dentists, hospitals, and other healthcare providers locally and nationally.
    • Get cost estimates for over 1,600 procedures.
    • Read and write reviews
    • Compare up to ten doctors at a time
    • And more
    Put more control in your hands. For full access, register or log in to MyBlue To learn more about our Find a Doctor & Estimate Costs tool, download the Navigational Guide or watch this 90 second video.

    Find Lactation Counseling Services
    Review our list of providers in our HMO and PPO health care networks who offer lactation counseling services in Massachusetts

    Primary Care Providers Outside of Massachusetts
    Have a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts HMO plan but reside in another New England state? Use the Find a Doctor & Estimate Costs tool to find a primary care provider and search for in-network health care providers outside of Massachusetts.
    Alternative Care
    Our Find an Alternative Care Provider search tool can help you locate alternative care providers like massage therapists, acupuncturists, nutrition counselors, yoga instructors, and more.

    For Healthcare Outside of the United States
    To find healthcare providers when you are traveling or living abroad download BlueCard Brochure to learn more about your coverage.

    You can also visit www.bcbs.com/bluecardworldwide or call 1-800-810-BLUE (2583) for a list of BlueCard, BlueCard PPO, and BlueCard Worldwide participating providers.

    Blue 20/20 Vision Insurance
    Designed to bring you more choice, more value, and more flexibility, including:
    • Access to one of the nation's largest vision networks
    • Exclusive savings on designer frames, premium lenses and coatings, and contact lenses
    • Award-winning customer service

    Blue 20/20 providers also offer evening and weekend appointments. To find one, go to www.blue2020ma.com.

    Programs & Resources

    Emergency Room Alternatives
    Depending on how severe your medical concern is, the emergency room isn't always your best option. Nearby retail clinics and urgent care centers can treat many conditions in less time and for less money. Learn about Emergency Room Alternatives and download our helpful guide to find the best fit for your needs. Then visit Find a Doctor to locate the nearest facility.
    Massachusetts Physician Profiles
    Massachusetts was the first state to give patients access to physician profiles for information about the education, training, and experience of all licensed physicians in the Commonwealth.
    24-Hour Nurse Care Line
    When does your child's slight fever become a serious fever? How can you tell the difference between a sprained ankle and a broken one? Should you be applying ice or heat? Wouldn't it be nice to have a medical professional available at any time to offer help with questions like these? Now you can, just by picking up the phone and calling the Blue Care LineSM toll-free at 1-888-247-BLUE (2583).
    Directions for Children with Special Needs
    For children with special health care needs, understanding how and where to go for the right treatment can be challenging. The Massachusetts Department of Health and Human Services provides Directions, an online organizing tool, and a resource guide to help plan and coordinate care for your child.
    Telehealth: On-demand doctor video visits
    When you have urgent health concerns and an in-person visit is not convenient, Telehealth can be an effective alternative to face-to-face visits. You can have brief real-time video visits with a doctor or therapist using your computer, smartphone or tablet for a range of issues. With Telehealth care, doctors or therapists can review patient history, answer questions, and diagnose, treat, and even prescribe medication at their discretion.

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