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Health Insurance FAQ

Below, you'll find categories of our members' most frequently asked questions.

Don't see your question in one of these categories? Contact Member Service at the number on the front of your ID card.

FAQ Categories

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Top Member Questions

Q. How do I change my address?
A. You can change your address by calling Member Service at the telephone number listed on your ID card, or by calling 1-800-262-BLUE. This feature is not available online for everyone, however some subscribers can update their address online by logging in and visiting the My Account section.

Q. Why can't I see information about my spouse? 
A. Privacy rules prohibit your access to claims and plan information for your spouse, domestic partner, or dependents over age 18. Because we are dealing with personal information, security is our top priority. For your protection, we have assigned all members a unique password. This safeguards your personal information, and gives you the exclusive ability to view and update it.

Q.What happens if I need care while I'm traveling?
A. If you need urgent or emergency care outside of our service area, go to the nearest health care facility. Call the Member Service number shown on the front of your ID card during the next possible business day.

If you need routine care (checkups, vaccinations, etc.) when traveling, check with Member Service before your appointment.