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Medication Look Up

We offer several tools to help you find:

  • If a medication is covered by your prescription plan
  • What tier the medication is on so you will know what you pay
  • If quality care dosing guidelines apply
  • If the medication needs prior authorization before you can fill your prescription
  • Generic alternatives

What will I pay for my medication?
We sort medications into tiers based on type and cost. What you pay at the pharmacy depends on your prescription plan and what tier the medication is in.

I have a 3 tier prescription plan I have a 4 tier prescription plan I have a Medicare Advantage prescription plan

3 Tier Covered Medications

(Check if your plan uses this Tier Structure.)

4 Tier Covered Medications

(Check if your plan uses this Tier Structure.)

Medicare Medication Look-Up page

Note: Your plan name can be found on the front of your Member ID card.  If your plan is not listed in either of the above tier checklists, use the below Medication Lookup Tool and select your tier structure based on benefit materials provided. Your benefit materials will also tell you your specific out of pocket costs for your medications. 

To find the top medications that we cover and details on how they are covered, review our Pharmacy Program Overview

To view a list of drugs covered at no cost share under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), please view the  ACA Covered Medication Drug List.


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Tier Structure
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