Medical Plans


The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Federal Employee Program (FEP) has been providing comprehensive benefits and peace of mind to federal and postal employees and their families since 1960. Today, approximately 5.2 million federal employees, retirees, and their families nationwide choose Blue for their health care coverage. Massachusetts is no exception. Over 112,000 FEP members carry the Blue Cross and Blue Shield ID card—that's over 80% of the federal population.

You have a choice of two preferred provider organization (PPO) medical plans: Standard Option and Basic Option. With a PPO plan, you don't designate a primary care provider and you never need a referral—ever. And remember, dependents are now eligible for coverage up to age 26.

Federal employees often ask, "What's the difference between Standard Option and Basic Option?" To see how the Standard and Basic plans compare, take a look at our
PDF benefits comparison chart.

Please take a minute to visit if you want more detailed information about each option. You can also checkout your overseas benefit at this site if you are traveling out of the country.

Standard Option PPO
Standard Option provides you and your family with comprehensive health coverage and the flexibility to choose providers from inside or outside of the preferred provider network. There is a deductible, which only applies to certain services. And there's more—to help you save on prescription costs—there is a mail service program available. Also, for members with Medicare Part B primary, there is a decrease in the generic prescription copay and coinsurance.

Basic Option PPO
Basic Option lets you choose providers from our nationwide preferred provider network. There is never a deductible and most services require only a copayment. With Basic Option, there is a great preventive dental benefit for the whole family, too!